Would you like to know and access an estimation of your HH electricity costs for any Great Britain location?

Electricity Costs API

We have developed the Modelling UK Electricity Regional Costs (MUKERC) model that produces representative electricity regional costs (p/kWh) for HH non-domestic consumers across Great Britain. We are making these datasets available through our Application Programming Interface (API) or upon request for those who are not familiar with managing APIs.

The model uses a bottom-up approach, aggregating the tariff components to calculate the electricity costs in p/kWh for each HH. The user just needs to know in which DNO their facility is located and its voltage level connection.

The dataset starts for the financial year 2017-18 and gives forecasts up to 2023-24. The MUKERC model considers representative commodity prices from analysing Nord Pool (N2EX) profiles. The commodity charges are complemented by government obligations tariffs sourced by third parties (e.g. UK government) and open source data from DNO and National Grid sources; for long-term projections, linear regression was used to forecast prices up to 2024.

By providing your information to access the datasets, you will be able to learn what your expected electricity costs could look like and be better prepared to manage them by driving positive changes in your organisation.

Download your data:

To find out in which DNO region you are located, you just need to know your postcode and access this link to check it.

In the section below, we provide the list with the voltage levels and DNO region numbers, so you can check before downloading the datasets. Most SMEs are connected to LV levels.

  • Low voltage (LV) – voltage level below 1 kV. SMEs usually are connected to LV levels.
  • Low voltage substation (LV-Sub) – connected to a substation with a supply point voltage level below 1 kV.
  • High voltage (HV) – voltage level of at least 1kV and less than 22kV. (London Power Networks, 2011)
  • 10 – Eastern England
  • 11 – East Midlands
  • 12 – London
  • 13 – North Wales & Mersey
  • 14 – Midlands
  • 15 – North East
  • 16 – North West
  • 17 – Northern Scotland
  • 18 – Southern Scotland
  • 19 – South East
  • 20 – Southern
  • 21 – South Wales
  • 22 – South Western
  • 23 – Yorkshire

Select your voltage level (be sure to add the voltage level in the correct format described below), DNO region, start and end dates and click the download button.

A maximum of 31 days of data can be downloaded at a time using the download button. The data is retrieved in UTC time in the format YYYY-MM-DD and returned as a CSV file.

Voltage Level:

("HV", "LV" or "LV-Sub")

DNO Region:

(DNO number from 10 to 23)

Start Date:


End Date:


Terms of Use

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Access here the API documentation page for the API details. 

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