Raising Awareness of UK Regional Half-hourly Electricity Prices for Non-domestic Consumers

About The Project

This is an Imperial College London research project that aims to inform UK non-domestic consumers about the dynamics of their tariffs which are subject to their location in the network.

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Introduction and Aims

The UK electricity sector and its non-domestic consumers are facing a complex and changing environment with rising electricity costs and a complex billing structure. However, there is a great opportunity to apply data services to raise energy awareness among non-domestic consumers. The UK government has recognised digital energy services will be pivotal to hit ambitious net zero targets. 

Motivated by this challenging situation, this research project aims to inform non-domestic consumers about regional half-hourly electricity costs with the purpose to understand the value such information can bring towards smarter energy practices. 

There are 3 research questions that we want to answer and that guide our project:

  • From the prospective policy changes, how the components of the UK electricity bills are expected to change in the upcoming years?
  • What are the electricity costs consequences if non-domestic consumers decide to “do nothing” to change their electricity use pattern and electricity bill management? Can they afford these financial risks?
  • Considering SME consumers, how can a website with integrated API help to raise their energy awareness and drive smart energy management actions?

Research Team

Dr Salvador Acha

Research fellow in Energy Systems and Sustainable Operations at Imperial College London. Profile page: Salvador Acha.

Guilherme Vieira

MSc student in Sustainable Energy Futures at Imperial College London. LinkedIn profile: Guilherme Vieira.

Dr Nilay Shah

Professor in Process Systems Engineering at Imperial College London. Profile page: Nilay Shah.

Max Bird

Research Assistant in Machine Learning of Energy Systems at Imperial College London. LinkedIn profile: Max Bird.

Dr Christos Markides

Professor of Clean Energy Technologies at Imperial College London. Profile page: Christos Markides.

Matthew Hart

Research project advisor. LinkedIn profile: Matthew Hart.